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Just a few years ago. A group of young people, with experience and the technical knowledge in the sectors of production, communication and promotion decided to bring together their creative routes, by founding Rhyton their aim was to map the authentic raw materials, to develop a model network of local producers, to word an alternative way of ingeniously unfolding and displaying the originality of the Greek gastronomic culture.

Everything Started In Crete

It was obvious since the beginning that this was a collective experience that was going to develop into a fascinating tour of top gastronomy destinations. Everything started in Crete, one of the most important pillars of Greek gastronomy and cultural heritage. In Crete, we do not deal simply with food products but with ancient cultural symbols such as honey and oil. That is why the Mediterranean diet, with Cretan gastronomy as a reference point, was recognised from UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In the local dialect of Crete the word “raeti” refers to the treat or “kerasma” in modern Greek which means offering, and which, in its turn, is linked etymologically to the quality of blending that comes from the ancient Greek word “kerannymi” (blend). And nature as the supreme life laboratory, by blending, has more than enough treats of flavor stories to tell.

Follow Social Responsibility Values

The people of Rhyton work together so that its products:

  • Are grown, collected and prepared using traditional and sustainable methods.
  • Consist a part of local tradition and history.

Every time you buy Rhyton’s products you contribute to the rescue of small scale producers, the traditional methods of production, the local ecosystem they come from as well as the endangered, nowadays, authenticity of flavors.

How The Story Begun…

Behind nature’s products, there is a fascinating system of structure and interaction. Through an interesting journey of circular interaction, continuity and flow, the raw materials get their final, characteristic form, as a shape, as a system of natural qualities and as a flavor – or rather as a delight. Many a local festivals of ancient origin and many a customs tell and reenact this ultimate moment of nature’s circle.

At the season of the Mediterranean harvest, Rhyton had just been born as an idea taking shape through repeated discussions on the revolution of the quality raw materials and the dawn of a new nutritional movement that brings back the core principles of communitarianism. Taking shape through the common ascertainment that the existence of small scale producers is necessary and that they contribute in the rescue and the enhancement of original flavors. But, primarily, taking shape through the vision of a collective initiative to preserve and unfold the local flavors that constitute the true emblems of smaller regions.

And then research, design, on-site visits. Meetings with remarkable people of the Greek land that hold the primordial language and the punctuation marks of the fragile balance of the local ecosystem. They have managed to graft tradition with innovation. Flavor as a cultural exchange and as a prerequisite of existence and co-existence. Knowledge, respect, gratitude. For all these that the breath of the earth offers to us.

The history of a word

The inspiration for the name Rhyton came from the ancient Greek vessel that bears the same name, destined for drinking liquids or for libations during rituals. The word has been referred to come from the verb “rein” which means flow. The majority of the surviving vessels named “rhyton” usually bear zoomorphic renderings of a single conical pattern that represents the horn as a token of the great importance attributed at the time to the repeated shapes in nature. The conical shape besides is one of the most important patterns of nature’s structures that appear in the shape of numerous popular trees such as the olive tree as well as in the shape of the storage space of the bee’s body.

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